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April 2019

Service: Business Health Plan & Roadmap
I found this process to be extremely valuable to take the time out to reflect on what we do and why we do it. We mapped out all the business processes, explored other business opportunities as well as develop a 3 year business plan with a roadmap and timeline. I would recommend this program to all small business


April 2019
Service: Business Health Plan and Roadmap

Having been in business for many years, you start to think you have heard it all and know it all.  After completing Clear Idea’s "Business Health Plan" course, I realised what opportunities I am sitting on in my business but am ‘too busy’ to take advantage of.  Learning a few good techniques on how to manage a number of projects at once and manage the staff helping me, means I can start focusing on improving my bottom line without forfeiting the high level of service our practice prides itself on.  Whilst I have worked with coaches in the past, liaising with Moira made me realise that there is no substitute for an accountability partner.  I found Moira’s approach very supportive and collaborative and her ideas could be implemented into our existing framework – she wasn’t trying to fix the stuff that was not broken.  I would highly recommend Clear Idea and Moira to any business owner that wants to check their business is running at 100% capacity!


April 2019
Service: Business Health Plan and Roadmap

We took the help of Moira to assess where we are at in our business, during 5 weeks we met once weekly with Moira from Clear Idea, to discuss the “Health” of our business. Thinking we had a pretty good Idea before, we walked away with a much clearer idea on what will be profitable, where our business opportunities lies and how to work out if an idea would be worth putting into action or not. 
Moira is very professional, easy to talk to and listens thoroughly to our needs and questions.
From somebody that did not know too much about our business, it did not take long until I felt Moira knew it better than ourselves!
We would highly recommend to sit down and spend time ON your business with Moira. We have implemented a few Ideas we came up with together and they are already paying off. 
Not only do we have a clearer Idea, but we also have new tools to work with when looking at new business ventures, staffing, marketing and product review.