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Business Consultant                                                      (GAICD, M.B.A., B.Eng (Civil), Grad DIP MUNICIP ENG, RPEQ, F.M. IPWEAQ), PHD Candidate

Moira Zeilinga started Clear Idea with the aim of helping small business to improve their competitive advantage and big business to reduce waste in their capital investment decisions and asset life cycle management. Moira is a highly qualified strategic thinking leader with 30 years experience gained in Local Government, large Water Utilities and the private sector. Her primary focus is on providing better service to customers and driving business efficiency. She believes that business sustainability is underpinned by business or organisational culture. Setting clear, measurable and realistic objectives will instill pride in your employees when they see results being achieved by your business and they will feel valued for their contributions. Moira is the 2021 Australian Water Association Queensland Award recipient for the Regional Service Award.

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