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Share the Air

Real conversations are authentic and come from the heart

Collaborating with your team starts with a conversation. When business owners or team managers share their vision and their struggles with their staff it helps everyone to get onto the same page. Being authentic can't be faked and staff will quickly see if you are just doing a 'tick the box' workshop or meeting. Real conversations come from the heart and staff have the ability to tell the difference. Staff have the ability to put a spotlight on your blind spot when you give them the opportunity to take time out and have a real conversation. Not a conversation about "the work". A conversation about how the work gets done, how office conversations are held, who shares the work-load and how you celebrate wins and losses. Real conversations happen when everyone in the team feels safe to share their struggles and their ideas. Your staff may just come up with some great ideas that you had not thought about yourself

that can help improve your business performance.

Teams who collaborate regularly work together more effectively. Ensuring that goals are clear and achievable and everyone understands their role and accountability helps teams work together more effectively to achieve the business goals.

Quoting Henry Ford "Coming together is a beginning, Staying together is progress, Working together is success".

When was the last time you took out a half day to "Share the Air" with your team?

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